5 Popular Areas for Starting a New Business in Dubai

5 Popular Areas for Starting a New Business in Dubai

5 Propitious Areas for Starting a New Business in Dubai

Both the free zones and the mainland of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are tax-free market areas. Businesses in Dubai pay no corporate* or business income tax. More and more tax-free zones are being authorized by legislation by the government of Dubai.

The government is providing citizens with state-of-the-art urban infrastructure. If you want to build a business that can eventually develop internationally, this is the place to do it. There are plenty of fun ways to spend money in Dubai, and plenty of opportunities to do so.

Dubai’s economy has flourished thanks to the city’s pro-business policies. Due to the city’s policy of allowing its wealthy residents complete autonomy over their wealth, Dubai has become a major tourist destination.

It’s easy to see why Dubai is attracting so many business owners. By enhancing its company registration and licensing services, the Dubai government has created a climate that is attractive to investors. The government is working in many different arenas to promote a competitive, knowledge-based economy.

Many people now find it enticing as well as exciting to start their own businesses because of how simple the process is. According to research conducted by Dubai Economy’s Business Registration & Licensing, the most popular areas in the city for launching new businesses have been pinpointed.

The poll found that over half (43.7%) of all new company licenses issued this year were distributed among just five locations. The economy of Dubai issued 16,826+ new business licenses in the first half of 2023.

Most Popular Areas in Dubai (for Entrepreneurs)

It seems that there are 5 main areas where entrepreneurs in Dubai can concentrate their efforts while launching a new venture. The following 5 areas are the most common in Dubai, as reported by the Company Registration and Licensing Market.

If you are planning to start a new business or a new venture in Dubai, then according to CRLM, the below mentioned 5 areas are one of the most favorable choices of entrepreneurs from all across the globe to setup their business in Dubai.

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Oud Metha
  • Al Garhoud
  • Trade Center
  • Oud Al Muteena

Burj Khalifa

In the first six months of 2023, more than 3112 licenses were issued in the Burj Khalifa area. Out of the total number of 21,941 licenses in effect, 58.7 percent were for economic activity and 41.2 percent were for technical activity.

Men made up 94.7% of the total, while women entrepreneurs made up 3.4% and businesses made up 2.5%. First in number of licenses issued was the Limited Liability Company with 13,270, followed by the Single Establishment with 4,201 and the Civil Business with 3,210. Attractions like the Dubai Mall have contributed to this neighborhood’s rise to prominence as a tourist hotspot.

Oud Metha

Oud Metha, commonly known as Al Nasr, is a residential enclave situated between Al Karama and Al Garhoud. The area has become a culinary mecca, with restaurants catering to every palate and price.

Apartment complexes, nightclubs, workplaces, mosques, and schools all date back to the late 1970s, when this area was first developed. The quaint small suburb, though, has only been there for a short time. Rents in Oud Metha are slightly lower than in other city neighborhoods. Additionally, you may easily reach all of the city’s facilities by foot.

Al Garhoud

The ‘Technical’ division of Al Garhoud is responsible for the bulk of the company’s 2,535 new licenses. There are 12,192 businesses in the city, of which 6,096 (or nearly 50 percent) have technical licenses and 5,940 (or nearly 48 percent) have commercial licenses.

97% of the most recent licenses went to enterprises, 2.2 percent to women company owners, and 0.8 percent to corporations. Is there a secret to Al Garhoud’s success? Al Garhoud has great business and residential structures, as well as easy access to the airport and major shopping centers including Deira City Center and Dubai Festival City.

Trade Center

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), is home to Trade Centre, sometimes called Dubai Financial Centre. Trade Centre 1, in western Dubai, is the business and residential district’s northern part along Sheikh Zayed Road.

There is no local road system in Trade Centre 1 like there is in other areas of Dubai, as it consists virtually exclusively of high-rises along Sheikh Zayed Road.

Oud Al Muteena

Dubai, U.A.E., is home to a neighborhood called Oud Al Muteena. Last Exit Al Khawaneej and Mushrif Park are both within walking distance.The neighborhood is situated near the common border with Sharjah. Commuters can therefore easily gain access to main thoroughfares.

Despite its relative isolation from the city’s hubs, Oud Al Muteena is nonetheless within easy driving distance of major thoroughfares that lead to places like the Dubai International Airport.

Setting up Business in Dubai is Beneficial

By developing company registration and licensing services, Dubai Economy hopes to provide a favorable economic climate for businesses. This covers commercial license issuance and renewal, which streamlines business formation and operation in Dubai.

In line with Government Direction on fostering a knowledge-based economy, sustaining economic growth, and expanding opportunities for entrepreneurs, this action has been taken.

In terms of volume, real estate leasing and utilities accounted for 26.9%, followed by government and personal amenities (12.4%), design and construction (14.4%), hotels (8.1%), warehousing (2.3%), trading (2.5%), distribution (0.8%), agricultural (0.4%), and industrial health (0.9%).

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