Step By Step Registering a Business In Dubai

Step By Step Registering a Business In Dubai

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The Company Registration Process in UAE is well structured, with a set of activities to successfully register the company. ReCorporate will manage the entire company registration process in the UAE. The Team provides unrivaled support until the company documents are delivered to the investor and beyond.

The process of registering a business in Dubai begins with selecting the appropriate trade name and obtaining approval. The investor must then select the appropriate business activities to carry out under their trade license. Depending on the chosen business activities, the company is legally permitted to engage in trade or provide services. If you are looking for step by step registering a business in dubai? Explore our blog for details.

Steps To Follow For Registering a Company In Dubai

There are specific steps involved in registering a company in Dubai. The key steps are listed below.

  • Company Name &  Business Activity Approval

Make a decision on the company name and business activity. To begin the process to register business in UAE, the authority must approve the Trade Name.

ReCorporate will coordinate and submit documents for the company name, as well as facilitate the approval of business activities. It is an important step in the Dubai company registration process. The right business activity must be chosen because the trade license will reflect the list of business activities chosen. Businesses can only trade in the business activities specified in their trade license.

  • Document Submission & Coordination

Prepare all required documents, shareholder information, and arrange for document submission to the appropriate authority. In the UAE, the company can be formed without the shareholder’s physical presence.

The ReCorporate team will be in charge of coordinating the processing of the company license and other documents. The team ensures that the company is registered in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Applying For Residency VISA

Apply for a UAE residence visa for investors as soon as the company documents are approved and the Dubai free zone license is available. Investors who wish to establish a business in the UAE are eligible for a long-term residency visa.

ReCorporate will apply for a company immigration card as well as a residency visa in the UAE. Our Businessmen PRO Agents will assist investors in completing the residence visa application form. Our team also assists in the preparation of supporting documents and the coordination of visa processing with government authorities.

  • Residence VISA & Emirates IS Processing

The investor must fly to the UAE to undergo a medical examination and have a residence visa stamped on their passport. The investor must undergo an in-country medical examination in order for the Emirates ID Application to be processed.

Following the completion of the Medical Examination and submission of the Emirates ID Application, the investor’s application for a UAE residence visa will be initiated. Our knowledgeable PRO Agents will handle the Visa documentation, processing, stamping, and delivery of the passport to the investor as soon as possible.

  • Bank Account Opening Assistance 

We work closely with UAE banks to open corporate and personal bank accounts. As part of KYC Compliance, shareholders must be physically present when opening a corporate bank account.

The investor can fly to Dubai and obtain the Emirates ID, Medical Card, and Corporate Bank Account all at once. The paperwork for opening a bank account can be completed remotely; physical presence is only required for verification.


Starting and establishing a business in Dubai has numerous advantages. The process of registering your company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, whether on the mainland or in a free zone, is very simple. There are many such service providers available if you require assistance with the registration of the company. You can register your entity in Dubai yourself or through one of the service providers listed above.

Contact us at ReCorporate for assistance in establishing your business in the world’s leading free trade zone and global commodities trading center. We’ll help you every step of the way, from drafting documents, managing submissions, and assisting with translations to opening bank accounts, obtaining approval, and providing general advice and consultancy. Reach out to us today via call on +971- 58-586-5477 or email us via and to see how we can assist you!

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