How to Start a Security Company in Dubai, UAE

How to Start a Security Company in Dubai, UAE

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Let’s talk about how to start security company in Dubai, UAE today. Many of us take our physical safety for granted until it’s too late. The use of security measures, whether they involve closed-circuit television, locks and keys, or armed guards, is widespread and lucrative.

With a CAGR of 9.4% between now and 2025, the worldwide physical security industry is predicted to be worth USD 292bn by that year.

The market in the United Arab Emirates is similarly robust. There is always significant demand for security services because there is so much to safeguard, including homes, workplaces, commercial units, and more.

Setting up in the UAE can be a smooth and stress-free process with the appropriate advice, despite the fact that there are a few extra boxes to cross when beginning a security firm.

How can I start my own security company in Dubai, UAE?

Beginning a security firm in Dubai follows a few tried-and-true methods. The same ones any local firm would have to go through.

The first step is picking a name for your business. There should be no profanity, profane references, or names of well-known businesses or organizations.

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No initials or shortened versions of your given name may be used in a company’s name. You should also make sure that the company name you’ve settled on isn’t already in use. A professional in the field of company formation can assist you with this aspect of applying for a business license.

The choice between a free zone and a mainland configuration will also need to be made. If you set a shop on the mainland, you won’t need an agent to conduct business in the regional economy. Bidding on government contracts, which may be lucrative in the facilities management industry, is another option.

However, if you locate your business in a free zone, you will not have to pay any customs duties. In addition, business owners in UAE free zones are free to take home 100 percent of their earnings. There are no limitations or limits on money exchanges with other countries.

You may now submit your license application after checking these items. This procedure has two stages.

A business license application is the first step. A professional services license is required in the UAE prior to launching a security firm. If you’re establishing your business on UAE mainland, submit your application to the Department of Economic Development; if you’re establishing your business in a UAE free zone, submit your application to the applicable management authority.

The applications for both have similar processes. The application process, whether done independently or through a business formation agent, typically just requires the following information and paperwork:

  • Completed application form
  • Passport copy of the proposed owner or owners
  • Two color passport size photos

You will need police clearance in addition to your license before you can perform security work in the UAE.

Last but not least, you could need a license from the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) if you run a security company. To qualify for SIRA endorsement, you may be required to complete a training programme. Guarding, consulting, working with dogs, operating surveillance equipment, and other forms of security work can all get the green light from SIRA.

You, your employees, and any household workers or family members you plan to sponsor should all submit visa applications at this time.

Lastly, you should apply for a business bank account. A professional in the field of business creation can handle all of your paperwork and communicate with the appropriate agencies on your behalf.

If you want an estimate of how much it will cost to organize a corporation, it is in your best interest to consult with a professional in the field. Factors like the cost of setting up shop and the number of visas needed are just the beginning.

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The total cost to establish a company in a free zone, such as Fujairah Creative City, is around AED 22,200. The price jumps to AED 24,775 if you also want to use the co-working space in the free zone.

Ready to start a security company in the UAE?

Starting a security firm in Dubai doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the necessary expertise and information at your disposal.

However, some familiarity with the procedure is helpful. It’s also worth noting that submitting a full and error-free license application at the onset of the application procedure is essential.

Working with a company formation specialist like ReCorporate when starting a business in the United Arab Emirates can assist guarantee this.

We are a group of company registration experts who are committed to making the ambitions of start-ups and small businesses a reality.

In addition to processing your license application, ReCorporate can help you in any kind of legal work for your company, company HR / Employee Management, Company Payroll and much more.

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Our visa and immigration services cover the gamut of paperwork, applications, and approvals needed to conduct business in the United Arab Emirates.

In a nutshell, our professionals can set up your company, apply for licenses and visas, and handle all the paperwork so that you can focus on running your firm.

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