How to get a General Trading License in Dubai, UAE (2023 Guide)

How to get a General Trading License in Dubai, UAE (2023 Guide)

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How to get a general trading license in Dubai, UAE – Starting a business in the UAE requires a number of steps, the first of which is acquiring the appropriate licenses. To be more specific, it’s important to learn all you can about the various company registrations available.

Company formation experts are available to take care of your application on your behalf, simplifying what could otherwise be a time-consuming and confusing process. Even so, many of the UAE and Dubai licenses are fairly self-explanatory.

If your company provides professional services, for instance, you must apply for a license in that field; if you manufacture products, you need an industrial license; and if you engage in commercial trade, you need a commercial license.

Numerous subsets of licenses fall under these umbrella terms. General trading licenses are a type of business license that would be appropriate for enterprises dealing in multiple product lines. One of the main advantages of obtaining a general trading license is that it allows you to legally sell a wide variety of products, from food and clothing to playthings and electronic components, all under the same roof. Another perk is the ease with which one can apply for a general trading license in the United Arab Emirates.

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How to Get a General Trade License in Dubai, UAE

The selection of a business activity is typically the initial step in the business license application process. Because a general trading license allows for the listing of multiple businesses.

After you have decided what you will be doing for a living, you can move on to choosing a company name. Although this would be challenging in any country, doing so in the United Arab Emirates adds some unique challenges. While the United Arab Emirates (UAE) does have naming regulations for businesses, these regulations are mostly common sense and straightforward to follow.

For example, you shouldn’t use any words or phrases that could be construed as blasphemous or offensive, or any names of well-known companies or organizations. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the company name you’ve settled on isn’t already in use. Get help from a professional who specializes in forming corporations.

Now that you’ve settled on a name, it’s time to submit your license application. This is where having assistance from a professional in the field of company formation comes in handy.

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The precise paperwork needed to launch a commercial enterprise It all depends on what you plan to do and where you decide to set up shop in Dubai. But typically, you’ll be expected to hand over the following:

  • Formalized submission of an application
  • A photocopy of the passport(s) of the intended owner(s)
  • Passport-sized, two-color photos on a white background

Why Apply for a General Trading License in the Dubai, UAE? (Benefits)

Obtaining a general trading license in the United Arab Emirates is a good first step towards launching a successful business. The United Arab Emirates is ideally situated to facilitate trade with any region of the world.

With a 0% rate on corporate and individual income, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers one of the most attractive tax regimes in the world.

Create a presence in a free zone and you’ll avoid paying any customs duties at all on your incoming goods. Moreover, unlike in many other countries, UAE free zone business owners have complete freedom to repatriate all invested capital and profits. There are no controls or limits on foreign exchange or currency transactions.

General Trading License (Business Activities)

The general trading license issued by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) allows you to trade in almost any product or service, with the exception of those directly related to the oil and tobacco industries. On the other hand, a general license allows for the sale of virtually any product you can think of. Additionally, there is no requirement for a causal relationship between the products. Sweets and auto parts, jewellery and footwear, pet supplies and playthings, and just about anything else can be exchanged.

General Trading Business Opportunities in Dubai, UAE

Establishing a company in the UAE with a general trading license provides a wide range of options for expansion and diversification. Both one shareholder and multiple shareholders can launch a business.

The number of employees you can have is also uncapped. The same holds true for employee visa applications; the bigger your space, the more you can sponsor. Getting dependents visas in the UAE is straightforward too. It is easy to bring your family to the United Arab Emirates (including children, spouses, and dependent parents), or to hire domestic staff like a housekeeper.

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Lowest-Priced General trading license in Dubai, UAE

There are many Free zones in Dubai, UAE offering great prices nowadays to attract investors to start a general trading business. There are limitless affordable general trading licenses you can secure for yourself. The lowest prices general trading license in Dubai, UAE Freezone will cost you about AED 6,500 only.

General Trading Business – Setup Process

Obtaining a general trading license is not a difficult procedure though, but requires a lot of efforts.

The process is simple, but only if your application for a general trading license is complete and error-free at the time it is submitted.

We, ReCorporate can assist you in establishing a general trading company in Dubai easily & quickly, whether it’s a large conglomerate or a modest one.

Everything from obtaining general trading license, visas (including investor visas / residence visas for the United Arab Emirates) to handling the paperwork, getting employment visas, Emirates ID or any legal stuff, is all taken care of for you, so you can focus only on running your business successfully.

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