How to start a cleaning company in Dubai

How to start a cleaning company in Dubai

How to start a cleaning company in Dubai

In the bustling heart of the United Arab Emirates, where skyscrapers reach for the heavens and the streets buzz with the promise of tomorrow, there’s one thing that every home, office, and public space needs—a good, thorough cleaning. Indeed, in Dubai, cleanliness isn’t just next to godliness; it’s next to profitability as well. The demand for reliable and efficient cleaning services is on the rise, and for those willing to roll up their sleeves (or at least, hire those who will), the rewards can be sparkling.

So, are you ready to dive into the world of cleaning businesses? This isn’t just about mops and buckets. We’re talking about building a brand that represents trust, quality, and maybe a touch of luxury. Think about it: Dubai is a city that loves its glamour. Why shouldn’t its cleaning services be just as glamorous?

In this guide, we won’t just skim the surface. We’ll delve deep into every nook and cranny of starting a cleaning company in Dubai—from deciding on your target market and drafting a business plan to navigating the maze of licensing and even hiring your first employee.

By the end, you’ll not only have a roadmap to start your business, but you’ll also have the knowledge to grow and sustain it. Buckle up! It’s time to take your spotless idea and turn it into a sparkling, successful business. Let the journey begin!

Ah, the bustling, shimmering jewel that is Dubai. From its sky-touching towers to its luxurious villas, the city is more than just a business hub; it’s a testament to human ingenuity. But let’s face it, all these beautiful spaces don’t clean themselves. That’s where you come in!

The Landscape of Clean – Dubai’s Cleaning Market

Industry Trends: From Residential Cleaning to Corporate Services

Dubai’s cleaning industry is as diverse as its architecture. You’ve got high-rise offices requiring daily spruce-ups, five-star hotels looking to dazzle their guests, and busy families needing help to keep their homes in tip-top shape. And don’t forget about those specialized cleaning services that cater to hospitals, schools, and even yachts. Yep, you heard right—yachts!

So what’s buzzing in the cleaning world these days? Well, besides your traditional mopping and dusting, there’s a growing demand for eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Think green detergents and state-of-the-art equipment that suck up less electricity but spit out more power.

And let’s not forget about tech integration. Nowadays, cleaning isn’t just about manpower; it’s also about smart power. We’re talking about apps for easy booking, automated systems for resource allocation, and even IoT-enabled devices to monitor cleanliness levels.

Identifying Your Target Market: Homes, Offices, or Specialized Cleaning?

This is where you’ll need to make your first big decision. Who are you going to clean up after? Is it:

  1. Homes: The residential market is massive and always in need. Plus, families tend to be loyal—if you do a good job, you’ll likely have steady work for years to come.
  2. Offices: From co-working spaces to corporate skyscrapers, the office market can be lucrative but competitive. And remember, businesses often have strict requirements and high expectations.
  3. Specialized Cleaning: This is the niche market, like medical facilities, schools, or luxury yachts. These jobs often require special training and equipment but can be very profitable.

Deciding on your target market isn’t just about picking one and running with it. You’ll need to do some market research, maybe even a survey or two, to understand your potential customers’ needs, preferences, and willingness to pay. You want to enter a market that’s not just big, but also right for the unique flair that only your cleaning business can bring.

Stay tuned as we dig deeper into each of these avenues in the coming chapters. For now, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get planning!

A Mop and a Dream – Business Planning

Why Even a Cleaning Business Needs a Clean-Cut Plan

Okay, so you’ve got the vision—sparkling floors, squeaky-clean windows, and a sea of satisfied customers. But a vision without a plan is just a daydream, my friend. Even a cleaning business, which may seem straightforward, requires a meticulous plan to navigate through the murky waters of the business world.

Remember, in Dubai’s competitive landscape, your cleaning business isn’t just up against mom-and-pop operations; you’ve got some big, shiny corporate giants to contend with too. A solid business plan is your roadmap through this territory. It’s what will guide you when you face forks in the road—like whether to splurge on that ultra-modern vacuum cleaner or save up for marketing.

Elements of a Business Plan: Budgets, Projections, and Customer Acquisition

So what magical ingredients go into this all-powerful business plan? Let’s break it down:


Think of your budget as your treasure chest—only this one tells you how many gold doubloons you’ve got and how many you can afford to spend. Budgeting requires you to account for everything: startup costs (licensing, equipment), operational expenses (supplies, wages), and overheads (office space, utilities).


Ah, the dreamy part of the plan! Here’s where you get to make educated guesses about where your business is headed. How many customers can you realistically serve in a month? What kind of revenue are we talking about in a year? Your projections will not only guide you; they’ll also impress potential investors if you need to raise funds.

Customer Acquisition

Last but not least, how are you going to get people to drop their dusters and trust your business to clean up their act? Your customer acquisition strategy could involve anything from targeted Facebook ads and SEO-driven content marketing to good ol’ word-of-mouth. And in a place like Dubai, never underestimate the power of networking; one satisfied customer in the right circle can lead to a cascade of new clients.

To keep your business as polished as the floors you’ll clean, you’ll need a plan that covers all these elements and more. Keep a keen eye on the details, because it’s the little things—like that forgotten corner behind the sofa—that make all the difference in a cleaning job. The same goes for your business plan.

Legal Sanitation – Licensing and Regulations

Types of Licenses: Commercial vs. Professional

Before you can sweep the dust off your competitors, you’ll need to, well, get your paperwork clean and tidy. In Dubai, licensing isn’t just a formality; it’s a ticket to the business arena. Think of it as your VIP pass, without which you’re not stepping into the party. So what’s your jam? Commercial or professional licenses, that’s the question!

Commercial License: This is the go-to choice for most cleaning services in Dubai, especially if your business involves trading goods as well. Imagine not just cleaning but also supplying hygiene products to your clients. Intriguing, eh?

Professional License: On the other hand, if your focus is purely on service—no goods traded—then a professional license may be your best bet. This type of license is tailored for service providers and professionals.

The choice between commercial and professional could have various implications, including cost, required documentation, and permissions for future business activities. Choose wisely, young padawan!

The Cost of Getting Your License in Dubai: How Much to Budget for Bureaucracy?

Alright, let’s talk numbers. Imagine your cash as a magic carpet, and you need to decide how much of it flies into the bureaucratic abyss. The cost of a license can vary widely depending on a multitude of factors, like the free zone you’re operating in, the type of license, or whether you’re looking at additional permits.

To give you an idea, licensing fees can start from a few thousand AED and go up to the skies depending on your specific needs. Plus, add in miscellaneous expenses like registration, legal consultancy, and perhaps a few cups of strong Arabic coffee to keep you going through the paperwork marathon.

Remember to account for these fees in your initial budget, and keep some gold doubloons in reserve for unforeseen circumstances. Dubai’s business world can be like the shifting sands of its deserts; better be prepared for some surprises!

In summary, getting your licensing sorted is the first real quest in your business adventure. So ready your sword, err, I mean, your pen, and get those papers in order. After all, even Aladdin had to deal with some legalities to win over Jasmine, right?

The Home Base – Office and Equipment

To Have or Not to Have an Office: Is a Physical Location Necessary?

Ah, the age-old question! In a digital era where nearly everything is online, do you really need a physical office? It’s like asking if Aladdin needed a physical lamp for Genie—it’s useful, but maybe not necessary for everyone.

The Home Office Option: If you’re starting on a shoestring budget, a home office can be your savior. Just transform a corner of your house into your command center, and voilà! You’re in business.

Virtual Office: Alternatively, virtual offices provide a physical address for your business without requiring you to rent an actual space. Great for giving clients a feeling that you’re well-established and for complying with any address requirements for licensing.

Physical Office: If your cleaning service is going to be a big operation requiring a fleet of cleaning ninjas and a whole arsenal of cleaning supplies, then you might need a physical space. Think storage, employee training, and the benefits of a client meeting space.

The decision often boils down to the scale of your business and your long-term goals. You might start small with a virtual or home office and grow into a physical space as your business expands.

Essential Cleaning Tools and Materials: What’s in Your Cleaning Caddy?

Imagine this: Your cleaning squad, all set to take on the dirt dragons, realizes they left the magic cleaning wands—err, mops—at home base. Nightmare, right? That’s why a well-stocked cleaning caddy is your Excalibur in the cleaning kingdom.

Basic Supplies: Mops, brooms, and vacuum cleaners are your foot soldiers. Don’t cheap out on these; quality makes a difference.

Specialized Tools: Got clients with exotic needs like pet hair removal or marble polishing? Specialized tools can be your secret sauce.

Cleaning Agents: Whether you go green with eco-friendly cleaners or stick with industrial-strength chemicals, your cleaning agents are as essential as a pirate’s rum.

Uniform and Protective Gear: Don’t forget uniforms for that professional touch, and protective gear to keep your troops safe from the perils of bleach and other hazardous materials.

Inventory Software: Keep track of your cleaning arsenal with some sort of inventory management system, even if it’s just a well-maintained Excel sheet at the start.

Remember, your tools and materials are an extension of your brand. High-quality, reliable equipment can elevate your service to royal standards. So take the time to research, test, and invest in the tools that will let your cleaning company shine—literally!

Time to summon your inner Indiana Jones, for the next chapter will tackle the treasure map that is your financial plan. Stay tuned!

Suds and Staff – Recruitment and Training

Finding the Right People: Not All Heroes Wear Capes; Some Carry Mops

In the mystical realm of cleaning, where dirt and grime lurk around every corner, who will rise to the challenge? Okay, we might be getting a bit dramatic here, but seriously, your team can make or break your business. It’s like assembling a superhero squad, except instead of fighting supervillains, you’re battling dust bunnies and soap scum.

Job Platforms & Agencies: Think of these as your talent scouting agents. Websites like Indeed or local agencies can unearth some gems.

Referrals: Nothing beats the word of mouth, especially if it comes from someone you trust. Sometimes the best team members come through recommendations.

Auditions, err, Interviews: Think of these as your superhero tryouts. Can they wield a mop like Thor’s hammer? Test their skills and situational judgement.

Training Regimens: From Basic Cleaning Techniques to Customer Service

Remember the Karate Kid? Good, now forget it. This is not about “wax on, wax off.” But it does involve rigorous training. You’re not just removing dirt; you’re building a brand, remember? That requires a whole different level of scrubbing—of skills, that is.

Cleaning Bootcamp: The basics must be mastered before conquering the real world. Teach them everything from how to handle cleaning agents safely to mastering the art of the spotless window.

Customer Service Training: You’re in the service business, and nothing screams ‘five-star service’ like a team that can communicate as smoothly as they clean. A bit of role-playing can help practice how to manage tricky customer scenarios.

Quality Assurance Checks: Just like how knights would train with wooden swords before wielding the real deal, set up mock scenarios to evaluate performance. Give feedback, make adjustments, and then let them loose on the kingdom of Dirtville.

Certification: For specialized cleaning services, consider investing in certifications for your staff. It’s like giving them a magical shield against competition.

So there you have it—your guild of cleaning wizards doesn’t just magically appear; you forge them in the fires of training and expertise. Now you’re all set to brandish those mops and dusters like the Excaliburs they are and make the realm of Dubai sparkle! Next up, time to dive into the ocean of numbers—financials, here we come!

Transparency and Trust – Insurance and Bonds

Why You Need Insurance: Covering Both Property and Personnel

Imagine sailing the high seas of entrepreneurship and getting hit by a rogue wave. If you’ve got the right armor—aka insurance—you can right the ship and continue your journey. For a cleaning company, especially, your insurance isn’t just a policy; it’s a promise, a symbol of trust that tells your clients, “We’ve got you covered.”

Liability Insurance: This is your shield against accidental damages or injuries. It says, “Oops, broke a vase? Don’t worry, we can handle it.”

Worker’s Compensation: Consider this your crew’s life jackets. Accidents happen and this ensures your staff gets the medical attention they need, without sinking your financial ship.

Equipment Insurance: Your cleaning tools are your treasure chest, and they too need safeguarding. Equipment insurance covers any damage or loss of your prized possessions.

The Cost and Process of Becoming Bonded: Trust but Verify

Getting bonded is like getting a letter of recommendation from a wizard; it magically opens doors of trust and opportunity. It’s like saying, “Not only am I good at what I do, but I’ve also got this magical paper here that will compensate you if I’m not.”

Cost of Bonds: The cost varies but think of it as a small stash of gold coins you keep buried. It’s usually a percentage of the bond amount you’re required to have.

How to Become Bonded: You generally need a good credit history and possibly some business financial statements to get bonded. The process involves:

  1. Application: This is like filling out your wizarding school application—pretty straightforward but essential.
  2. Evaluation: Just like a wizarding school would check your magical background, bonding agencies will assess your financial stability.
  3. Approval and Payment: Once approved, you make a payment, and voila, you’re bonded! You now possess another level of credibility that can often tip the scales in your favor when attracting clients.

Becoming insured and bonded is not just a bureaucratic hoop to jump through. It’s a rite of passage that signals your business is based on integrity and preparedness. It’s a magical talisman that not only protects you but also adds a shine of trustworthiness that customers value. So, it’s worth every dirham spent. And now, let’s clean our way to the next chapter, shall we?

Spotless Branding – Marketing and Customer Outreach

Developing a Strong Brand: The Importance of Logo and Mission Statement

Picture this: Your brand is your business’ genie lamp, and when it’s well-designed and polished, it becomes an irresistibly clickable icon that draws clients to your magic. Your logo and mission statement are the inscriptions on this lamp, silently whispering promises of quality service and reliability.

Logo Creation: Your logo is more than just a pretty face—it’s your business’ first impression. It should mirror the level of cleanliness and professionalism you bring to your services. Hire a skilled artist to create a memorable and relevant design; after all, this logo will grace everything from your business cards to your van.

Mission Statement: This is your magic incantation, the set of words that encapsulates your company’s soul and intentions. It should reflect your dedication to cleanliness, customer service, and maybe even sustainability. A good mission statement is like an enchantment—it sticks in the minds of those who hear it, urging them to learn more.

Digital Presence: Your Website and Social Media Game Plan

Nowadays, the digital realm is like a bustling marketplace, full of prospective customers. The key is to grab their attention without coming off as a pesky market vendor.

Website: Consider this your digital storefront. It should be as clean and organized as the homes and offices you service. Display your services, rates, and most importantly, customer testimonials. This is your virtual “word of mouth,” a key to building trust.

Social Media: Ah, the digital grapevine, where word about your business can spread like wildfire. Utilize platforms like Instagram for before-and-after photos, Facebook for updates and customer reviews, and maybe even LinkedIn to establish corporate contracts.

SEO and Blogs: You can’t expect treasure to just fall into your lap; you’ve got to create a map that leads people to it. Regular blogs about cleaning tips and tricks not only position you as an expert in your field but also improve your site’s search engine ranking, making it easier for customers to find you.

So, get your branding tools ready and let your digital genie out of the bottle! Because the next chapter awaits to dive into the finances of your sparkling endeavor.

Bookings and Billings – Pricing and Payment Systems

Setting Your Rates: Finding the Right Balance Between Value and Quality

When you’re setting the rates for your cleaning services, it’s like mixing the perfect potion. Too expensive, and you’ll scare potential clients away; too cheap, and you’ll undervalue your craft while also attracting bargain hunters who might not respect your work. The magical elixir lies somewhere in between.

Competitive Analysis: A bit of sleuthing won’t hurt; find out what your competitors are charging and what services they offer. This gives you a ballpark figure to work with.

Cost Analysis: Factor in all your overhead costs, from cleaning supplies to transportation and even administrative tasks. Don’t forget to pay yourself, too!

Value Add-ons: Offering bundle packages or special services, like eco-friendly cleaning options, can justify higher prices. Think of these as the “enchanted extras” in your potion.

Systems for Accepting Payments: From Online Booking to On-Site Payments

In the age of technology, convenience is king—or should we say, the Sultan of today’s business realm. The easier you make it for clients to book and pay, the more likely they’ll choose you over another service.

Online Booking: Use an automated booking system integrated into your website. It’s like a magic carpet that brings clients straight to your door. Some systems also include built-in invoicing and payment, making it a smooth ride for everyone involved.

Mobile Payments: Consider portable POS (Point of Sale) systems that allow you to accept card payments right on the cleaning site. It adds an extra layer of convenience for the client and minimizes any payment-related delays for you.

Payment Policies: Be transparent about your payment terms. Whether you require a deposit upfront (like a treasure chest that assures mutual commitment) or offer a small discount for referrals, let your policies be known upfront to avoid any misunderstandings.

Your spellbook—aka your business plan—is nearly complete, but a few more key rituals will help you sweep your way to success. Stay tuned for the next chapter, where we’ll discuss how to scale your cleaning empire.

Quality Control – Audits and Customer Feedback

Internal Audits: How to Ensure That Your Services Are Top-Notch

Think of internal audits like your own personal genie—here to make sure every corner is dust-free and every customer is delighted. It’s not enough to perform cleaning magic just once; you need to consistently conjure up a spotless experience for all your clients.

Checklists and Standards: Create a comprehensive checklist for each service you offer. This list is your spellbook, detailing every sweep and every scrub needed to create a magical cleaning experience. Regularly update these lists based on new techniques or products in the market.

Mystery Audits: Sometimes, it’s good to employ the “invisible cloak” strategy. Have managers or trusted colleagues pose as customers to evaluate the performance of your cleaning crew. This can give you an unfiltered look into your service quality.

Employee Reviews: Your crew is part of your pirate ship, and it’s essential to know if they feel equipped and supported to swab the decks effectively. Regular reviews and feedback sessions can shed light on areas for improvement.

Utilizing Customer Feedback: Turning Criticisms into Opportunities for Improvement

Criticism isn’t a curse; it’s a treasure map to becoming better. Each piece of feedback is like a star in the night sky, guiding you toward unparalleled service quality.

Feedback Channels: Offer multiple ways for customers to share their thoughts—comment cards, online reviews, or direct conversations. Treat this information as if it were spun from gold because, in a way, it is.

Immediate Response and Rectification: If a customer isn’t happy, treat their complaint like a looming storm on the high seas—something to be addressed immediately. The quicker you resolve issues, the more likely you are to turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one.

Regular Updates: Use the gathered feedback for monthly or quarterly reviews with your team. Chart your course corrections and celebrate your successes, no matter how small. Remember, every inch closer to ‘X marks the spot’ is progress.

So grab your magic carpet or your pirate ship or whatever your preferred mode of business transport is, and let’s soar into the final chapter. It’s time to make sure your cleaning company doesn’t just sparkle, but absolutely shines!

Scaling the Ladder – Growth and Expansion

Franchising: Should You Go Bigger by Making Your Business Replicable?

After you’ve vanquished the dust dragons and scrubbed your way to local fame, you might hear the siren call of franchising. It’s like finding a magic lamp, and now you’ve got to decide what your three wishes are.

Exploration and Research: Before you even think of multiplying your business model, carry out due diligence. Speak to other businesses that have franchised. These are your wise wizards, your guiding North Stars.

The Franchise Model: If you decide to proceed, consider what parts of your business are replicable. Your brand’s “magic spell” should be easy for other would-be wizards to cast. In other words, make your business model as foolproof as possible.

Legal Requirements: Franchising isn’t just a business choice; it’s a legal maze. This is where you might want to call upon your legal oracle to guide you through the process. Make sure your paperwork is as spotless as your services.

Expanding Services: When and How to Add New Offerings Like Carpet Cleaning or Window Washing

You’ve conquered the seven seas, or at least, the local market. It might be time to hoist your sails and venture into new waters by adding more services.

Market Need: Conduct surveys or tap into existing customer feedback. Are people asking for window washing so often it’s like they’re singing a chorus? Then maybe it’s time to listen to the music.

Training and Equipment: New services often require new skills and tools. Make sure your crew is trained up and equipped. You don’t want to sail into stormy seas without the right navigational aids.

Pilot Programs: Before you go full throttle on the new service, try a limited run. Think of it as a treasure hunt. You follow a new map and dig up a small chest before you commit to excavating an entire island.

Promotion: You’ve got this new shiny jewel, now flaunt it! Update your marketing materials and let the world know you’re not just a cleaning company; you’re a cleaning empire.

As you wrap up your magical quest, or as we call it, this guide, remember one thing: Every empire, every legend, and every tale of treasure started with someone taking that first step—or in your case, that first sweep. May your floors be ever clean and your business ever green!

FAQs on starting a cleaning company in Dubai

What Type of License Do I Need to Start a Cleaning Company in Dubai?

To start a cleaning business in Dubai, you’ll need to obtain a commercial license. The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai is responsible for issuing these licenses. The process will involve registering your business, providing the necessary documents, and paying associated fees. Don’t forget to check if you need any additional permits or approvals from other governmental departments.

How Much Does it Cost to Obtain a Business License for a Cleaning Company in Dubai?

The cost of a commercial license for a cleaning business in Dubai can vary depending on several factors like the location of your business (Mainland or Free Zone) and the size of your operation. However, you should budget around AED 10,000 to AED 25,000 for initial licensing fees. Always confirm the current costs with the Department of Economic Development (DED) as fees can change.

What Are the Insurance Requirements for a Cleaning Business in Dubai?

Insurance is crucial when starting a cleaning business in Dubai. You’ll need liability insurance to cover any damages that may occur while performing cleaning services, and it’s also advisable to get workers’ compensation insurance for your staff. Depending on your services and the scale of your operations, other specialized types of insurance might be necessary, such as vehicle insurance for company cars.

Do I Need to Have an Office Space to Start My Cleaning Business?

While having an office space can add credibility to your business, it’s not mandatory. Many cleaning businesses in Dubai start as home-based operations and then expand into physical offices as they grow. However, you’ll still need an official business address for licensing and legal purposes, which could even be a P.O. Box.

What Are the Marketing Strategies That Work Best for Cleaning Businesses in Dubai?

In the age of digital connectivity, having a strong online presence is crucial. Invest in a well-designed website and active social media accounts. Local SEO can help your business show up in local searches. Customer testimonials and before-and-after photos can be very effective. Traditional methods like flyers, community bulletin board posts, and networking with property managers and real estate agents also work well. Keep an eye on your competitors and continually refine your marketing strategies.

By understanding these key aspects, you’re better prepared to sweep your way to success in Dubai’s cleaning market! These are going to help you understand and hope it answers your questions on starting a cleaning company in Dubai.

Conclusion: The Final Wipe Down — Launching Your Cleaning Business

A Checklist to Ensure You’re Not Missing Any Spots Before You Launch

You’re almost there; your cleaning enterprise is about to shine bright like a diamond (that has been responsibly sourced and cleaned, of course). But before we pop open the metaphorical champagne—or rather, the all-purpose cleaner—let’s go through the ultimate checklist to make sure you’re not missing any nooks and crannies.

  • Licenses and Regulations: Is your paperwork spick and span? Double-check!
  • Employees: Are your staff trained and ready to sparkle? Make sure your team is well-versed in both cleaning techniques and customer service.
  • Equipment: From your magic mops to your enchanted vacuum cleaners, ensure everything is in tip-top shape.
  • Insurance and Bonds: This is your shield and armor; ensure it’s sturdy and in place.
  • Payment Systems: Test your point-of-sale system and make sure online payments are glitch-free.
  • Website and Social Media: Your digital windows should be as clean as the ones you’ll service. Check for broken links, outdated information, and make sure your contact details are crystal clear.
  • Launch Promotions: Coupons, discounts, or complimentary dragon-slaying (a.k.a., that tough stain removal) — whatever your launch promotion is, it should be ready to roll.

Your Company’s First Day: Popping the Champagne—Or Rather, the All-Purpose Cleaner—To Celebrate Your Hard Work

The day has arrived. The mops are poised, the cleaning sprays aligned like soldiers, and your staff is bubbling with enthusiasm. It’s time to pop that proverbial bottle of all-purpose cleaner and toast to your hard work.

  • Morning Huddle: Start the day with a team meeting to rev everyone up. This is your “war council,” and you’re the cleaning general.
  • Social Media Blast: Announce your grand opening on all your digital platforms. Let the world know that there’s a new cleaning wizard in town.
  • First Job: Document the first cleaning job of the day. Consider it the christening of your cleaning ship. Capture the moment and share it, for this is your first step in writing the saga that is your cleaning empire.
  • End-of-Day Review: Once the dust has settled—quite literally—gather your team for a quick review. What went well? What requires your magical touch? The aim is constant improvement.
  • Customer Feedback: Make it easy for your first customers to give you feedback. Their opinions are your treasure map to further success.

Finally, take a moment to relish what you’ve achieved. You’ve turned your vision into a concrete business, and that’s worth celebrating. Maybe now it’s time for a real bottle of champagne, eco-friendly of course!

We sincerely hope that now you very well know and understand how to start a cleaning company in Dubai. So if you really want to start a cleaning company in Dubai and seeking to get in touch with a business set of experts then you can please feel free to get in touch with the ReCorporate and our business setup experts will guide you every step of the way to start a successful cleaning company in Dubai.

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