How to Start a Business in Dubai Free Zone

How to Start a Business in Dubai Free Zone

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How to Start a Business in Dubai Free Zone: A lot of people we meet seem to be confused about Dubai Free Zone. We generally get a lot of queries with regards to how to start a business in Dubai free zone, how much does it cost to start a business in Dubai free zone etc. So, we’re now writing this post especially for those who want to know about the step by step process of setting up a business in free zone in Dubai.

No matter if you’re a startup or an established company, it’s no secret that Dubai has one of the best markets available right now. When it comes to starting a business, Dubai is welcoming to any and all investors, and the local government has enacted legislation to make the process easier.

As a result of various provisions brought in by the government from time to time, the procedure for establishing a Dubai free zone company setup cost is now streamlined and straightforward.

A foreign investor has a number of options for setting up shop in Dubai, from the city proper to the free trade zones. However, when it comes to setting up a business in mainland Dubai, the investor has to choose a local partner in order to start the business, which eventually turns off various investors because they are not comfortable with the idea of choosing a local partner which will allow them to start a business in Dubai in accordance with the established laws.

Company formation in Dubai Free zones

Due to the many advantages of setting up shop in a free zone in Dubai—including reduced administrative burdens, tax breaks, and more – forming a company in a free zone in Dubai has gained widespread popularity among investors. Since Dubai’s free zones now permit 100 percent foreign ownership, they have become very popular with financiers.

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Free zone Company in Dubai

A free zone company in Dubai is a business that operates within a designated economic zone with favorable tax and trade regulations so that any investor can set up shop there and begin producing goods.

You can bring things in and out of the country without having to pay any customs fees. Dubai’s free zones are located in strategic transit hubs like airports and harbours to improve the city’s attractiveness to foreign investors and expand the city’s trade potential. Multiple free zones in Dubai have been established, with each zone remaining open for a specific type of commerce.

Advantages of Free Zone Business in Dubai

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Local partner not required
  • Tax-free zone for businesses, there are no types of taxes whatsoever
  • No restrictions or limits are placed on the conversion of currencies or the transfer of funds internationally.
  • Products of any kind are exempt from duty.
  • In all Freezones, energy can be provided at a low cost.
  • Applying for a business license is a simple process.
  • There is an abundance of both for-sale and for-rent office buildings to choose from.
  • Visas for skilled workers are now easily accessible and inexpensive.
  • There are no time limits on office hours, so they can be used whenever they are needed.

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Step-by-Step Process to Setup a business in Dubai Free zone

Nature of Business (Business Activity & Free Zone Selection): First, an investor considering Free zone Dubai must determine the nature of the business they wish to launch, as well as the specific Free zone in which they wish to do so, because each Free zone has its own set of regulations that must be adhered to.

Trade Name of the Business: To start a business in the Dubai free zone, investors must first decide what kind of business they want to launch, and only then can they select a name for it, bearing in mind that they must adhere to the naming conventions established by the government.

Business License Application: Third, after settling on a name and registering it with the proper authority, the investor must submit an application for a business license. Free zones have varying license requirements for a variety of pursuits.

Office Space in the Dubai Free zone: Finding an office space in the Dubai Free zone is step four after obtaining a business license. Those interested can either buy the property outright or rent it.

Permissions, Licenses & Approvals: Fifth, investors must secure permission from various governing bodies before a permit is issued. Following the receipt of all necessary permissions, the investor may launch the enterprise. The entire procedure is straightforward and typically concludes in two to four weeks.

Documents Required for company formation in Dubai Free Zone

Mandatory Company Formation Documents for a Dubai Free Zone Enterprise The Gulf Cooperation Council or the Arab embassy will need to see a number of documents before they will grant the investor any sort of approval:

  • Application form to get a Business License
  • Banking reference and license of the partners existing business if required
  • Copy of your Passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • A Plan Outline of your Business
  • MOA(Memorandum of Association) and AOA(Articles of Association)
    Business Card

An investor setting up shop in the Dubai free zone must adhere to the above-mentioned protocol. To attract more investors, the government has simplified the outlay process.

How much does it cost to start a company in UAE?

Investing in a free zone company in Dubai is now easier than ever, with the entire process laid out in plain English and promising results in no more than four weeks.

Some major steps for company formation in Dubai Free Zone:

  • Determine the type of legal entity
  • Selection of Your Trade Name / Business Name
  • Applying to get a Business License
  • Choose an office space
  • Get pre-approvals, register your business and get your license

With these simple steps now you know How to Start a Business in Dubai Free Zone. If you are a business man, planning to start a business in Dubai then starting your business in any Free zone will be really beneficial for you.

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