How much does it cost to start a company in UAE?

How much does it cost to start a company in UAE?

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In order to legally operate a business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one must first register the company’s name, then obtain a trade licence, and then submit a slew of other documents. A company incorporated in the UAE can have 100% foreign ownership, and its profits can be repatriated in full. So, let’s get an idea now on how much does it cost to start a company in UAE.

This makes it a desirable choice for foreign investors. The low corporate tax rates, the ease of doing business, the luxurious lifestyle, and the advanced commercial infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) all contribute to the country’s popularity as an investment destination.

Investors in the area can pick and choose from a number of different company registration options. A company can choose from a wide range of available business licences and commercial activities to best suit its own objectives. Starting a business in the United Arab Emirates can be done with relative ease if investors adhere to the proper procedures for registering a company there.

Clients seeking assistance in establishing a company in the United Arab Emirates can rely on ReCorporate for a full range of services. Investors can rely on the expert guidance of our staff to guide them through the process of forming a company in the United Arab Emirates, tailoring the procedure to meet the needs of each individual enterprise.

A company can be registered in the UAE in one of three possible locations: the Mainland, a Free Zone, or an Offshore Jurisdiction. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a wide variety of company formation options, with Mainland and Free Zone jurisdictions each offering their own unique company establishment packages.

United Arab Emirates company formation costs may vary widely depending on the specific business jurisdiction chosen and the nature of the proposed enterprise.

The Mainland Corporation can now apply for incorporation in the UAE under the category of a company with 100% foreign ownership. This follows the 2021 Cabinet Resolution that was just issued. However, there are a number of regulations that the investor must follow, and these vary depending on the type of business and the industry in which it operates.

Free Zones and Offshore Companies can be formed with 100% foreign ownership. However, they are not equivalent in terms of attributes, business procedures, or the laws that govern commercial exchanges. To set up your business in a Free Zone in the UAE, you’ll need at least AED 8,050. This cost is subject to change based on the accessibility of services and the number of visas that can be issued.

Registering a Business in the United Arab Emirates (Step-by-Step Process)

Organization and clear procedures help make registering a company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a straightforward process. ReCorporate will handle all aspects of setting up business in the United Arab Emirates. From the initial delivery of business documents to investors and beyond, the Team provides unmatched support.

Choosing and obtaining approval for a tradename is the first step in registering a company in the United Arab Emirates. The next step for the investor is to determine what kind of commercial activities are appropriate for their business licence. The corporation has the required legal authorization to conduct business in the chosen field, be it commerce or the provision of services.

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Submitting the application form, supporting documents, an investor profile, etc. to the relevant authorities is the next step in the registration process. The trade licence fee must be paid before the investor is issued the necessary company formation documents. An application for an investor visa and a bank account can be made at this time.

New company registration, among other services, are just the beginning of what ReCorporate can help with when it comes to doing business in the United Arab Emirates. The following are the measures required to register a company in the United Arab Emirates.

To Get A Business Name Registered And Have It Approved To Conduct Business

Choose a firm name and focus area for the business. Getting the authority’s approval on the Tradename is the first step in registering a company.

ReCorporate will be in charge of coordinating the submission of the necessary paperwork for the company name and facilitating the approval of the business activity.

This is a crucial step in the process of registering a company in Dubai. It is crucial to select the correct commercial activity as this will be reflected in the trade licence. In order to obtain a business licence, a company must first demonstrate that they will only engage in the specific set of business activities that are included on that list.

What documents are required to open a company in Dubai?

Gather all of the required paperwork, including a list of shareholders, and make plans to submit it to the relevant authority. In the United Arab Emirates, a company can be established even if its shareholders aren’t there.

ReCorporate Business Experts will handle coordinating the filing of the firm’s licence and any other required paperwork. The staff ensures that the company is registered efficiently and in a short amount of time.

Procedure for Obtaining a Residence Visa in the United Arab Emirates

Investors can apply for a UAE Resident Visa after their company paperwork has been approved and they have been issued a trading licence. Investors who plan to open a business in the United Arab Emirates are eligible for permanent residency visas (UAE).

ReCorporate will submit an application for a UAE residence visa and a business immigration card. Our Businessmen PRO Agents will be happy to help investors fill out the necessary paperwork for a permanent residence visa. In addition, we help manage the visa application process with the appropriate government agencies and provide assistance in the organization of supporting documents.

Emirates ID and Residence Visa Processing

The investor is responsible for arranging their own transportation to and lodging in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the purpose of obtaining a residence visa and passing a required medical examination. Applicants for an Emirates ID must first submit to a medical examination within the country.

Investor visa processing in the UAE will not begin until the investor has passed the mandatory medical examination and submitted their Emirates ID application. The Visa paperwork, as well as the processing, stamping, and expedited delivery of the investor’s passport, will all be coordinated by our highly trained PRO Agents.

Help with Establishing a UAE Bank Account

We’ve been able to coordinate with a bank in the United Arab Emirates to help individuals and companies open bank accounts. In order to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, shareholders must be present when opening a business bank account.

The investor can open a corporate bank account, an Emirates ID, and medical insurance, all in one trip to Dubai. Your presence at the bank is required only for verification purposes, and you can complete the necessary paperwork at home.

Get in touch with ReCorporate management consultants for your business so that we can act as your agent and represent your interests. Get the advice of our professional consultants / business experts for help with business registration and related services.

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When it comes to meeting the unique business needs of each investor, we have PRO Service Agents who are committed to going above and beyond. With the team’s help, investors will experience as little hassle as possible when processing documents, registering a business, collecting payments, and receiving their investments.

What are the steps to establishing a company in the UAE mainland?

Large numbers of both small and medium-sized businesses and multinational corporations call the UAE’s mainland home. Across all industries, consumers have an insatiable appetite for more places to shop, eat, and socialize. As a result, many multinational corporations are on the lookout for entry points into the emirate’s domestic market.

Investing in a business by setting up a mainland company in the United Arab Emirates is a common practice. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), investors can expand their businesses into local markets and actively reach out to a large and varied customer base.

The process of registering a company on the Mainland has been significantly revised as a result of the recent amendment to the Commercial Companies Law. In order to establish a Mainland Corporation in the United Arab Emirates, a local sponsor or local service agency is no longer required.

Businesses across a wide range of industries, including commercial, industrial, and trading operations, are now open to 100% foreign ownership. However, there are some vital sectors that do not accept foreign investors at a 100% stake. The energy sector, the financial sector, the oil and gas sector, and others all fall under this category.

Additional economic sectors, such as those involved in security, defense, and military activities, need to be added to the current list. Additionally, foreign nationals are restricted from wholly owning businesses that provide fishery-related services like banks, currency exchanges, telephones, and similar establishments.

About 122 types of businesses are on the approved list for foreign ownership in the country. In certain spheres of economic activity, a specific minimum stockpile of capital must be kept at all times.

Companies in the service sector are almost universally run by foreign nationals who have relocated there. There is also no local service agent that can be appointed to act as a go-between for DED and the necessary administrative duties. These are the primary types of businesses found on the mainland of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai LLC Company Formation Process

One of the most common forms of business organization in the mainland United Arab Emirates is the limited liability company (LLC). Limited liability companies (LLCs) are popular among investors when there are more than two owners (up to 50). There are a plethora of benefits for local business owners who opt to form a limited liability company (LLC).

The Investor’s liability for the LLC’s actions is limited to the proportion of the Investor’s ownership interest in the LLC. Establishing a limited liability company (LLC) on UAE mainland paves the way for a variety of business opportunities. LLCs allow business, service, and manufacturing to take place.

The LLC Company Creation process allows for the specification of business operations with a 100% foreign owner. To form a limited liability company (LLC) in the majority of the United Arab Emirates, a local UAE national sponsor is not required.

Launching a Successful Business in Dubai

Consultants, lawyers, accountants, doctors, and other professionals from relevant fields can form a Civil Work Company on UAE’s mainland. The shareholder may continue to hold 100% of the voting stock. Every emirate in the United Arab Emirates has its own Department of Economic Development (DED), where a Civil Work Company can be officially established (UAE).

A Civil Works Company is a great option for skilled individuals seeking to launch a business in the UAE due to the low entry barrier it presents. Due to Dubai Economy’s extensive offering, business owners can choose from a wide variety of professional licences.

Entrepreneurs who set up a civil works firm in the UAE can take advantage of a number of opportunities. One of the best parts is that the shareholder can own all of the company without bringing in a local Emirati.

Setting up a Company Branch in the United Arab Emirates

Any foreign investor with a company in operation in a Free Zone in the UAE or an overseas company may set up a Branch in the Mainland.

In order to open a Branch or a Representative Office, a business must first meet a number of criteria. Multinational corporations may find it financially beneficial to open a branch office. It’s the best option for companies looking to make a splash in the UAE’s domestic markets.

Using branch offices, major corporations can streamline and standardize their operations in numerous emerging markets. Investors can assess the state of the market and the response of potential customers before committing to a strategy for widespread expansion.

Learn the ins and outs of opening a business in the UAE’s Freezone

In the United Arab Emirates, registering a company in a free zone is much less complicated than doing so in the mainland. Dubai’s Free Zones are well-liked by entrepreneurs because they simplify the process of starting a business and give entrepreneurs access to cutting-edge infrastructure and a thriving network of peers.

Among the many advantages of establishing a business in a free zone is the absence of value-added tax (Value Added Tax). Plus, business owners can save a lot of money by forming a Free Zone Corporation. All of the fees for using the building’s office space, including those for its amenities and utilities, are due in one lump sum at the beginning of each year.

Among the many potential financial benefits of setting up business in a Dubai free zone are:

  • An exemption from paying sales tax
  • Audit report filing requirements waived
  • The entire amount of money made will be given over.
  • Easy transfers of ownership are feasible.
  • Excellent warehouses are readily available on a global scale.

One of the best and cheapest company formation packages are available in Dubai’s Free Zones. The bare minimum cost to establish a Free Zone Business in Dubai is AED 13,900. By establishing their businesses in Dubai’s free zones, foreign investors gain access to a wide variety of market opportunities and find it simpler to set up company / business in the United Arab Emirates.

If you have any questions about the services we provide or the perks of setting up business in our tax-free zone, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts.

How much does it cost to set up a business in Dubai?

Company formation in Dubai may cost more or less depending on the type of business that is being registered. Creating a company in Dubai has transparent fees with no hidden costs. Documentation and authentication fees, business licence fees, visa processing fees, immigration fees, and business immigration fees are the primary cost components.

In order to engage in some forms of commercial activity, you may need to obtain additional clearance and approvals from the appropriate authorities. Consultants for businesses often charge their clients a fee to cover the expenses incurred when assisting them with company formation and Professional Representation Services.

When incorporating a company in Dubai, expect to pay between AED 17,000 and AED 25,000 for a Civil Company, which will provide you with a trade licence and a virtual office for a year. Investors in Dubai will have access to ReCorporate’s low-cost business formation options because of the company’s efforts and business experts.

How much does it cost to set up an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in Dubai?

All of the primary costs associated with setting up business in the UAE are included in the price of registering your business as an LLC there. In terms of LLC Business Registration expenses, office rent is a major factor. The nature of the business and the company’s annual revenue are two factors that should inform the decision of where to set up business in the United Arab Emirates.

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In the United Arab Emirates, setting up a limited liability company can cost anywhere from AED 19,000 (about $4,000) to AED 45,000 (about $8,500). The cost of this licence will depend on the specific licence chosen and the business structure. Significant additional components of UAE business setup costs include the fee for obtaining a visa and the monthly rent for an office space.

What You Need to Form a Limited Liability Company in Dubai?

Before a company can be established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a number of steps must be taken and certain documents must be submitted. Investors need to specify the nature of their enterprise, provide supporting documents, and pay the associated fee in order to obtain a commercial licence.

  • Specifics of the Higher Designation Requirement for Degree Certification (Attested)
  • With 2 Pics (white background)
  • Formal application (with passport copy and, if already in the UAE, a No Objection Certificate)
  • Identifying a Specific Area on a Map
  • The Rental Agreement in Copy Form

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How much does it cost to open a business in the United Arab Emirates? is addressed in this article. If you want to establish a business in the United Arab Emirates but are unsure of the process or could use some assistance, ReCorporate is ready to lend a hand.

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Now, as you know and understand that how much does it cost to start a company in UAE, if you would like to get a free consultation, please feel free to contact ReCorporate Business Experts. We have been helping entrepreneurs from their companies in the UAE for the last few years. Call us on +971- 58-586-5477. You may also email us at At ReCorporate, we make starting up a company in UAE easy and effortless for you.

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