Free Zone Visa in Dubai (2023 Step-By-Step Guide)

Free Zone Visa in Dubai (2023 Step-By-Step Guide)

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Free Zone Visa in Dubai: Everyone has a chance to make it big in Dubai, the city of dreams. The emirate attracts some of the world’s best minds because it serves as a commercial center for the United Arab Emirates and because it provides a favorable setting in which enterprises can flourish.

This ultra-modern metropolis serves as a hub for trade and finance worth trillions of dollars with the rest of the world, including the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and beyond. Dubai has become a global trade, banking, and e-commerce hub thanks to its strategic global location, business-friendly legislation, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

Because of the liberal business climate in the United Arab Emirates, free zones in Dubai were among the first to allow for full foreign ownership, tax exemptions, low startup costs, and flexible lease terms. As a result, companies of all kinds, from publicly traded conglomerates to fledgling enterprises, have sought to take advantage of Dubai’s free zone’s location as a transshipment point for goods from all over the world.

How to get Free zone Visa in Dubai

1. E-channel Registration

E-channel Registration on the government’s e-channel portal is the initial step in applying for a free zone UAE visa. The goal is to streamline the application process by reducing the amount of time spent on documentation.

Applying for a free zone visa in Dubai is now a breeze thanks to the widespread use of online registration. To initiate the registration procedure, a payment of AED 2,500/- is required. Visa fees for Dubai’s free trade zone are included in various packages. Moreover, the typical price is AED 3,750.

2. Applying for an Entry Permit

The second step is to apply for a work visa, commonly known as an entry permit. This visa is only good for a stay of up to 60 days. The standard processing time for an Entry permission is 15 days. A streamlined application process can get you the permission in as little as five to seven days.

You will receive an electronic copy of your entry permit via email after it is processed. You can leave the nation during this time, but it’s not recommended because it could affect your immigration status.

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3. Dubai Free Zone Visa Stamp

Your entry permit will become active once you have had your visa stamped. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) immigration service will stamp your passport in one of three ways: upon arrival at an airport, upon departure by land, or upon re-entry. The former, though, is the simplest choice.

The three activation methods are summarized here:

In-Country Process

It’s the simplest solution. Bring your passport to immigration so they may stamp it and activate your work permit. Typically, this will take no more than five days.

Out-Of-The-Country Process

Your employment visa might be activated upon arrival in the UAE if you are outside the country at the time it is issued. Employment visas must be shown to UAE immigration officials upon arrival. Additionally, the officer will authenticate your visa by stamping it.

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Border Run Process

In order to reenter the UAE with the printed employment visa, one must first leave the country by land, obtain an exit stamp, and then present the visa to an immigration officer.

This method also applies to nationals of countries whose citizens may or may not be granted a visa upon arrival in the United Arab Emirates. Cross-border heists should be avoided at all costs because they are risky and not always successful.

4. Medical & Emirates ID

Medical: You have to prove your health and fitness before applying for a visa to a free zone. A chest X-ray and blood test are part of this procedure.

Emirates ID: In three business days, the medical records might be made available. Once you get your findings, you may register for your Emirates ID and begin using all of the facilities available to you in the United Arab Emirates.

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UAE is a great area to live and work because of its stable economy and tax-free environment. As Dubai pours billions more into its already impressive infrastructure, the city is positioned to become an even more pivotal link between East and West.

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