Dubai Free Zone Company Setup Cost

Dubai Free Zone Company Setup Cost

Dubai Free Zone Company Setup Cost

Dubai, with its futuristic quality of life, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and internationally recognized economic might, is without a doubt the UAE’s crown jewel. The relative ease with which businesses can operate in the Emirate is largely responsible for its rapid expansion.

Dubai’s liberal tax rules, zero personal income tax, full repatriation of earnings, and improved global connections appeal to businesses and investors from a variety of countries.

But if you want to make it as a business owner in Dubai, it’s just as crucial to know where to set up shop. Establishing a company in a free zone in Dubai is quick, cheap, and simple. Because of this, many business owners favor it.

Dubai is the epitome of luxury and extravagance, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach for the average traveler. The emirate provides a wide range of business opportunities in addition to various cost-effective free zones in an effort to entice investors and business owners to establish themselves there.

Due to the low cost of starting a business in the free zones in Dubai, they are in high demand. Affordable office space possibilities and cheap administrative expenses complement the free zone license that is so easily obtained.

Free Zone vs. Mainland Dubai

There are two main jurisdictions in the United Arab Emirates where businesses can be established. You can settle in the Dubai mainland or one of the city’s roughly 50 free zones. Both are run very differently and provide various advantages, yet they are nonetheless very useful.

Most firms in the UAE choose to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with their Mainland License so that they can trade within the UAE’s domestic markets. However, companies involved in the supply of services, international trade, and the like often opt for free zone licenses.

Establishing a business in Dubai’s free trade zone is quick, easy and cost effective

Every second counts in the high-pressure world of business. Therefore, it is crucial that the registration and licensing procedures for your Dubai-based business go fast. In this respect, Dubai’s free zones are unparalleled.

Faster than other government agencies, they are able to process requests for business licenses, grant new visas, lease out office space, and so on. In free zones, systems that would normally take weeks to process are resolved in a matter of days.

For businesses where time equals money, this swiftness is essential. In addition, most free zones have dedicated customer service teams ready to aid business owners with their Dubai free zone company registration.

Free trade zones in Dubai rapid expansion of your company

The following step, once operations have begun, is to develop a plan for maximizing resource optimizations while ensuring the company’s long-term viability. This is crucial for businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations.

Any company can take advantage of Dubai’s many tools to help it flourish. For starters, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is conveniently located in the middle of the world, providing easy access from both Europe and Asia as well as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

In addition, numerous development markets are within easy reach thanks to the region’s well-developed marine and airport infrastructure. Most of the world’s largest multinational corporations have established regional headquarters in Dubai. They have expanded greatly thanks to the welcoming business climate in Dubai.

Cost To Register A Business In The Dubai Tax-Free Zone

Several factors affect how much it will cost to register a business in a free zone in Dubai. First, the prices in Dubai’s free zones vary widely depending on the sector.

In addition, the price of a free zone license will change according to factors like the type of business you intend to start, the number of employees, the number of visas issued, any additional fees, etc. Here are some typical expenses to consider:

Registration and License Fees

Companies must pay a charge to the free zones themselves for the operations they intend to carry out. Most freezones in Dubai grant a number of different licenses, with costs varying according on the nature of the business operating within the zone.

Trading, professional, and industrial licenses are available to businesses and must be renewed every 1 to 3 years. Starting a business in a Dubai free zone might cost as little as AED 10,000*.


Successful business owners and investors will need to submit residency applications. If they have any dependents, they will also need to apply for residence permits for them.

To stay in the UAE as an investor and run a business in the designated free zone, an applicant must pay a one-time resident visa fee. The amount of work visas a free zone company can apply for is limited by the type of license it holds.

Opening a bank account, sponsoring relatives, renting an apartment, and getting a driver’s license are all made easier with a residence or investor visa.

Free Zone Workplace / Office Space

The services provided by free zones in Dubai are among the best in the world. Renting an office in a Dubai free zone can save you money because of the region’s abundance of inexpensive commercial real estate.

Every type of foreign-based company, from startups to SMEs to multinationals, requires a permanent office location. There are many different types of office space available for lease or purchase in free zones.

The price of an office in a Dubai free zone can be affected by a number of factors. To begin, the prices in each free zone are different. Next, prices can differ depending on the establishment’s quality and its location inside the emirate.

Entrepreneurs must settle on a domain after considering their staff. In addition, business owners with shifting needs can find the most success with coworking and flexi desk arrangements. In addition, free zones in Dubai make it possible to set up shop with no immediate plans to open an office.

Major Benefits of setting up a company Free Zone in Dubai

Numerous free zones exist across the several emirates in the UAE, highlighting the significance of site selection when launching a company there. Long-term and transient possibilities in these free zones are very different. Those in the business who travel to the UAE with the intention of forming a firm should weigh all the advantages before making a final decision.

Freezones vary in their regulatory environments, but corporate consultants like ReCorporate Business Setup can help you understand the differences and find the right one for your business.

They will explain how various emirates have distinct rules and help you comply with them. Dubai, on the other hand, stands out as the most sought-after location due to its advanced infrastructure, lenient tax rules, and business-friendly atmosphere.

Dubai has the most free zones (45) of any of the Emirates, allowing for diverse commercial endeavors. Here, business owners have a better chance of locating a tax-free zone that is tailored to their particular field.

Spending Money Wisely

With over 9,000 satisfied customers and over 16 years in business, ReCorporate Business Setup is a true titan in its field. In addition, we work closely with the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) and other leading free zones in Dubai.

We tailor made products for your company and assist in opening a business bank account. With the help of ReCorporate, you can quickly establish a professional network in the UAE. Get in touch with our free trade zone professionals immediately for a no-cost consultation.

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