Cosmetics Products Registration in Dubai, UAE (Dubai Municipality)

Cosmetics Products Registration in Dubai, UAE (Dubai Municipality)

Cosmetics Products Registration Dubai Municipality, UAE: When do cosmetics need to be registered with the Dubai Municipality?

If you know how to start a cosmetics business in Dubai and now planning for or at the stage of cosmetics products registration in Dubai, then this article is going to give you comprehensive knowledge about the same.

What is Dubai Municipality registration for Cosmetic Products?

Safe and high-quality cosmetics are what DM registration is all about. The Consumer Products Safety Section (CPSS) of Dubai Municipality (DM) is able to collect the necessary data during the registration procedure in order to evaluate the products’ safety.

Without proper registration in line with DM legislation, no product can be produced, imported, exported, advertised, sold, or distributed in Dubai.

All products sold in Dubai must first be registered with DM, the Dubai government agency in charge of regulating the production, distribution, and import of goods.

According to the rules, a business must have the proper legal documentation and licensing to legally engage in product trade with the DED in Dubai. Hence, Cosmetics Products Registration Dubai Municipality is an indispensable step to start your cosmetic business in Dubai, UAE

Legality of Product Registration in Dubai Municipality:

A product registration is good for five years from the date it was filed. After the initial five-year period, a renewal process is available to extend the product registration.

How do I get my cosmetics approved by the Dubai Municipality?

  • First, You’ll Need to Form a Business (Getting the Company License)
    • The DED in Dubai must first be satisfied that the firm has been properly established and licensed, including having the appropriate shareholder structure and trading in the appropriate products.
  • The second step is to register the business with the Dubai Municipality (DM)
    • In order to register the firm itself with Dubai Municipality, the company must complete the comprehensive application forms with DM. DM’s okay on the signup is required.
    • The one-time fee to register a business with Dubai Municipality is AED 525.
  • Third, the firm submits samples of product labels for review.
    • A representative sample of each product category and label design will be submitted to the Consumer Products Safety Section (CPSS) as part of the company’s application for labelling assessment.
    • CPSS will evaluate the labels and provide a Labelling Assessment Report containing information about the product and any necessary changes to the label.

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Product Markings and Labels

It is critical that the corporation abide by the regulations governing the labeling of products. It is the responsibility of every business to guarantee that their products adhere to the DM-mandated information labeling regulations. This includes producers, importers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.

Allergenic and potentially harmful components must be listed on the packaging’s label. There needs to be uniformity in product labeling so that goods can be evaluated objectively.

The following items must be declared in either English or Arabic in a clear and unambiguous fashion:

  1. Name of the Product
  2. Product’s brand name
  3. Specifics on the Makers
  4. Originating Region
  5. Information about the product’s ingredients, size, and expiration or “best before” (PAO) date (best before) should be clearly displayed.
  6. Unless otherwise specified in the product’s name, directions for use, or health warning, the following storage guidelines apply.
  7. Product batch number and industrial (Bar) code No medical claims may be made.
  8. Product advantages are permitted.
  9. Visuals: No images that go against accepted social norms and values are allowed.

The CPSS health inspector/officer will confiscate any product that doesn’t meet the aforementioned criteria and prosecute the violators accordingly.

The following information is required for the Labelling Assessment application form:

  • Serial Number
  • Name of the product
  • Brand name
  • Originating Region
  • Barcodes and Lot Numbers

Step 4: Make the required payments (government fees and municipality fees / costs) to complete registration.

Dubai Government and Municipality Fees

Let’s now look at Cosmetics Products Registration Dubai Municipality fees, government charges, registration fees and what all you need to pay in order to get started.

Registration fees for cosmetics with the Dubai Municipality are AED 250 per item.

Depending on the product (or on a case-by-case basis), DM may send it off to a lab for testing.

There will be additional costs involved for laboratory testing.

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Depending on the sort of product being tested and the extent of said testing, DM’s price per lab test averages out to roughly AED 1,250.

ReCorporate may help you send in lab samples and obtain the findings; however, their services will cost you an extra AED 500 per lab sample submission.

Product Registration Costs Paid to ReCorporate Business Setup in Dubai

The professionals at ReCorporate can help you get your business registered with the Dubai Municipality for the right kind of work.

After that, ReCorporate can lend a hand in getting each product registered with the Dubai Municipality.

ReCorporate fees are calculated as a percentage of the total product value sold to a single registered user. For the purposes of processing, each product category is treated as its own product and will go through its own unique registration procedure.

ReCorporate’s charges vary with the nature of the product and the nature and level of activity of the business. For information on our complete price lists for DM company and product registrations, please fill out the form below.

The time required to register a Dubai Municipality product (How much time it will take)

It usually takes between 10 and 15 business days to process an application and obtain a registration certificate for a DM product after we have received the full list of required documents and information.

There will be a 20-day delay in shipping if the product needs to be tested in a lab.

The Dubai Municipality must give their stamp of approval before a product can be officially registered. The DM processing system is prone to process changes and delays. ReCorporate will keep the client informed at all times to guarantee the registrations are processed in a timely manner.

You may anytime reach us in order to make the Cosmetics Products Registration Dubai Municipality process slightly faster. We have highly qualified business setup experts who can help you in saving your time and making the process quicker for you.

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How can I get started with DM Product Registration, and what paperwork do I need?

  • A current and valid UAE DED LLC trading license for the specified product(s).
  • The CFS (Certificate of Free Sales) is an official certification provided by the government of the country of origin certifying that the goods may be marketed without restriction there. For goods made in the UAE, an origin statement from the UAE is not necessary.
  • Detailed description of the product including its appearance, aroma, pH, and odor
  • Report of Origin Country Laboratory Testing (If Necessary)
  • Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certificate
  • List of ingredients with quantities, percentages, and concentrations.
  • Verify 2 of each product that are of the same category.
  • Artwork for product packaging

Keep in mind that Dubai Municipality may ask for more documentation or information as part of the application process.

  • The CFS must be issued by a health authority or other internationally recognized agency in the country of origin. The most recent version of the CFS should be sent, and the original may be requested if necessary. PPG can help you get an authenticated copy by assisting with the attestation process. The Certificate of Free Sales is proof that the goods can be sold freely in the country in question.
  • Ingredient Report/Laboratory Test Results: Mercury, zinc, arsenic, lead, chromium, and cadmium levels, as well as a preservatives and bacteria test, must be reported by a certified laboratory in the Country of Origin or by Dubai Central Laboratory. The website address (URL) contains a list of recognized laboratories throughout the world.
  • You can get this document, called “Analysis Report,” from the product’s manufacturer. All the data you need to know about the products’ composition, chemistry, and physics may be found in this document.
  • You can get a report on the product’s ingredients directly from the manufacturer. All relevant information, such as ingredient concentration, percentages, and CAS number, is included in this paper.

How ReCorporate can help you with Dubai Municipality (DM) Cosmetic Products Registration Process

To sell and trade in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, cosmetic products and other consumer products must be registered with Dubai Municipality. There may be a lot of paperwork and red tape involved.

Our highly qualified business setup consultants and professional advisors at ReCorporate will guide you through the process of acquiring the necessary licenses and approvals, registering your business with DM, and registering your products directly.

If you are interested in Cosmetics Products Registration with Dubai Municipality, the ReCorporate can help you save your time, efforts, and money. You can focus only on your business expansion rather than Cosmetics Products Registration or taking rounds of government offices, Dubai municipality or other govt. offices.

Please WhatsApp us / call us / give a missed call at +971 58 586 5477 in Dubai or send us an email at, or fill out the contact form below if you have any questions or queries with regards to Dubai Municipality (DM) Cosmetic Products Registration Process.

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