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    Pro Services

    ReCorporate provides secure PRO services and analytical solutions to businesses situated in the United Arab Emirates.

    Many enterprises want to start a business in UAE due to its entrepreneur-friendly environment. However, organized paperwork and mandatory approvals from the Government is a must to step foot in the region. To make this easier for yourself, hire us as your PRO company!

    < p>We at ReCorporate, are known for our timely document clearing services and providing hurdle-free PRO guidance. Starting a business in foreign lands can be quite a task. It is plagued with difficulties like understanding the rules, translation of Arabic, a change of currency and much more! Our cadre of PRO experts in Dubai would assist you in every step to help you deal with the authorities that might hinder your business expansion plans. Approximately 70% of your administrative and PRO services expenses can be saved with our help!


    ReCorporate has official recognition in Dubai as a registered UAE Pro Service provider. To provide backing to our clients, we also have an in-house Tasheel Center. This promotes timely procession of documents and attestation.

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    The role of a Public Relations Officer is to manage your paperwork in an organized manner and guide you through clearing services. They also give assistance with renewals of license, visas, labour agreements and provide ample support throughout legal courses of action that are considered mandatory by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The function of a PRO isn’t limited to ensuring a successful venture but to provide a smooth and fruitful journey throughout your entrepreneurial existence.

    Our professional PRO services would help you procure the following:
    Employment and Family Residency Visas
    Labour Cards
    Renewal and/or Modification of Trading License
    Renewal of Family Residency Visas
    Cancellation of Visas
    Important Documents like the Labour Computer Card and the Immigration Card


    Obtaining approvals from Government agencies
    Approval of Trade name
    Notaries and Court Agreement letter
    Typing LLC contract in 2 languages: English and Arabic
    Embassy, Civil Defence, Municipality, Labour Department, Immigration and Economic Department paperwork
    Attestation of Certificates
    Translation of Legal Documents
    Business Licensing Services in UAE
    Clearance of Contract
    Services for Processing and Amendment of Visa
    Renewal of labour and immigration card


    Department of Economic Development (DED)
    Chamber of Commerce
    Ministry of Labour
    Embassy of UAE
    Judicial Courts
    Immigration & Naturalization Department
    Road and Transport Authority
    General Department for Residency and Foreigner's Affairs

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    A hosted desktop solution allows for the delivery of a consistent and scalable IT experience for all users in an organisation. With this solution, users gain access via a desktop icon or link.
    The need for PRO services in Dubai can be summarized easily using the following pointers:
    To assess the situation and keep the companies updated about registration, licensing, payments and permits.
    To guarantee agreement with Government agencies as well as judicial and legal institutions that could ensure the efficient working of the business by allowing it to run commercial activities.
    To obtain the business license of a company by appearing before the concerned local authorities. To renew mandatory licenses and handling permit applications. PRO Services in the UAE are also needed to indicate requirements set by the Immigration and Labour Department for every company and to obtain documents related to the same.
    To procure entry permits, employment and residence visa, approval of labour, labour card and contract by working with document clearing services situated in Dubai.
    To build and sustain a cordial working relationship with government institutions and agencies.
    To ascertain that your venture is knowledgeable and routinely informed about Governmental protocols and rules.
    Our trustworthy PRO services in Dubai helps you in supervising the ministerial instructions from the involved legislation and reporting them to the concerned departments.
    To maintain an organized structure that stores the authorized stamps of the company, official and certified letters that have been sent to the Government.
    To acquire sanctions and necessary certification from the esteemed authorities and coordinate with them for the Certificate of Attestation.

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