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    Best Business License in Dubai UAE

    In order to obtain a best business license in Dubai and the UAE as a whole, approval from the government and economic department is needed. Documents pertaining to company formation must also be cleared by agencies situated in the UAE to get approval. People who are investing for the first time can become confused because of the extensive procedure

    ReCorporate helps you procure your business license for every part of the UAE efficiently. Our advisors are trained to assist you with information regarding the license you need for your business. We also give routine reminders that help you renew your license. In rare cases where a business license needs to be canceled, ReCorporate aids in minimizing the loss by decreasing the fines incurred. Get the best business license in dubai cost.

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    Types Of Business Trade Licenses:

    The Department of Economic Development (DED) has noted several activities but categorizes notable businesses under four types of business licenses in the UAE and Dubai business license

    Commercial License

    For companies that are involved in buying and selling commodities, a Commercial Trade License is a requirement, which makes trading within and outside the country possible. The business activities that can be carried out upon possession of a UAE Commercial Trade License are import and export, trading of goods, real estate firms, brokerage and logistics firms, and rental services.

    Professional License

    Amandate for service-oriented companies, a professional trade license offers 100% ownership to the company runners. A local agent who’s well versed in the laws is required to complete the whole procedure. Business activities such as consulting, marketing, designing, accounting, accounting, etc can be undertaken using a professional license.

    Tourism License

    As a booming tourist destination that is visited by millions every year, Dubai has gained a stable footing in the tourism sector. To regulate such industries in the United Arab Emirates, the economic department, along with the DTCM, established a tourism license in the UAE. A Trade License needs to be attained by businesses involved in the tourism industry, such as travel agencies, tour operators, handlers, hotels, etc.

    Industrial License

    Businesses that are immersed in industrial and manufacturing projects are required to possess an Industrial Trade License in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. To obtain this license, a physical office situated in the country is a necessity. The activities that this license allows are the manufacturing of every commodity, the furnishing of products, and the final packaging of the finished product. Get cheapest business license in uae.