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Dubai is a premium destination for budding entrepreneurs and there we provide effortless and tax-free formation of companies.

Offshore businesses in UAE frolic in a tax haven and despite other countries extending tax benefits and protection of valuable assets, Dubai has proven to be at the top of the game. This is due to the fact that Dubai offshores are not bound by any treaty to disclose confidential information of clients regarding finances to their home countries. A public register containing a list of shareholders is not maintained and one cannot be forced to reveal information pertaining to the company. Upon registering an offshore business in Dubai, credibility is added to your company, giving you access to manage a business in the Middle East.

ReCorporate extends its guidance to help you register your business in Dubai. By providing the certificates of incorporation and other important Government approvals, we make setting up a company in Dubai, a hassle-free experience for you. The prices we offer for our Dubai offshore company formation package are the most competitive in the market.

The pros of establishing an offshore Dubai company like ours, include:

100% Foreign Ownership

With our years of expertise, starting a company in Dubai would seem like a trouble-free task. Along with a guaranteed 100% ownership, revenue can also be channeled into the bank accounts of the company. Offshore company formation also helps in obtaining 100% ownership of property in foreign lands and the UAE.

Added Advantage of Confidentiality

Confidentiality is our number one goal when setting up an offshore company in Dubai. UAE is notorious for its stringent corporate laws which aid an entrepreneur to keep his company’s private information under wraps. The judicial bodies in Dubai only reveal this information when the company is involved in illegal activities.

Stimulants on Taxation

The model Dubai follows to attract businesses is revered all around the world. It follows attractive incentives which provide beneficial tax-related options upon registration of an offshore company. This promotes a competitive environment to attract companies and entrepreneurs residing overseas.


Why ReCorporate?

ReCorporate is your one-stop solution for business setup and consultancy services in the United Arab Emirates. With our extensive knowledge of UAE business regulations, we offer comprehensive support for obtaining business licenses, Freelance Visas, and more.

Unlimited Support

We provide 24/7 customer care in UAE. Our responsive team treats clients like family, always delivering excellent service. Count on us any time for empathetic and efficient support.


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