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Business Sponsorship Services

With ReCorporate’s assistance, we guarantee dependable operational ownership through ethical corporate ownership.

The task of finding a reliable sponsor can be a hassle. However, we at ReCorporate offer certified sponsorship services throughout UAE. For an affordable annual fee, we provide sponsorship to your esteemed company as a stagnant partner. Furthermore, we also make work with the Government agencies easier due to our connections that have we built through years of trust.

Our business sponsorship services grant you support throughout the stages of forming a company. With our services, every gargantuan task like obtaining Governmental permits and approvals would seem effortless because we would take the burden off of your shoulders.

Leave the worries to us and buckle up to start your own venture in one of the world’s primary destinations for investment. Contact us today to talk to our Business Setup Specialists- free of cost!

Why ReCorporate?

ReCorporate is your one-stop solution for business setup and consultancy services in the United Arab Emirates. With our extensive knowledge of UAE business regulations, we offer comprehensive support for obtaining business licenses, Freelance Visas, and more.

Unlimited Support

We provide 24/7 customer care in UAE. Our responsive team treats clients like family, always delivering excellent service. Count on us any time for empathetic and efficient support.

Invertor Right Protection Contract

Our company is liable to draft an ‘Investor Right Protection Contract’ that solidifies 100% operational ownership of a client’s entrepreneurial pursuit. At our behest, we have a talented legal team that is equipped to draft the said agreement and lend full transparency.

For starting a venture, you need to be informed about an array of subjects. Drafting and attesting the power of attorney, agreement of incorporation, agreement of purchase, documents pertaining to the registration of the company etc. We aid in changing the local sponsor by drafting a power of attorney.

The protection contracts drafted by us are valid in courts all over Dubai and our services are well renowned across the UAE. The motive of our company is to offer logical solutions for the betterment of your brand.

Contact us today to read an example of a pre-made investor right protection contract.


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