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Opening a bank account has never been easier with our in-house banking facilities.

ReCorporate Business Setup grants you banking assistance that is needed for the establishment of a company in the UAE. We can help you with a plethora of issues, from opening a bank account to providing a bank guarantee.


D ubai and UAE as a whole act as a premium destination for individuals with a high net worth and people involved with profitable businesses. To open an account in these esteemed places, one has to pass through several formalities.

With ReCorporate Business Setup, setting up a bank account in UAE and Dubai for businessmen and non-residents has become extremely time-efficient. While the requirements for opening up a bank account can seem troublesome, ReCorporate assists you through the process and identifies the right bank that provides low tariffs without compromising on the facilities.

Connect with us to set up a bank account in Dubai or to gather more information about the best banks in UAE.


A business or a corporate individual are given a bank guarantee regardless of their capacity. A meagre fee is charged between the parties that are involved in the process. Many business activities require a bank guarantee to uphold capital. ReCorporate Business Setup provides the facility of a short-term banking guarantee that is valid for 3-10 days.
Two parties are involved in the process of obtaining a bank guarantee, namely, the Principal Debtor and Beneficiary. ReCorporate helps you obtain a guarantee by acting as the principal debtor and making you the sole beneficiary. This exponentially increases the credit worthiness of your venture and helps it acquire a bank guarantee easily.
There are many different types of bank guarantees that may be required by a business, to know more about the role ReCorporate Business Setup can play to help you with the process, contact us now and speak to our talented team of advisors!